Global Habbo Youth Survey 2008 reveals teen pulse for consoles

PS3, xbox 360, Wii - Image 1Teens around the world were recently surveyed by Habbo and they were asked various questions about today’s consoles. The results came in recently and we now have a feel of what people prefer according to age, gender, and nationality. Check out the interesting stats after the jump.

Xbox 360, PS3, Wii - Image 1 

A survey conducted by virtual space Habbo has been concluded and interesting stats are in for current-generation consoles. The poll reflects the interests of teenage consumers giving us a feel of what the global market looks like right now.

The Global Habbo Youth Survey 2008 got the opinions of 58,486 respondents across 31 countries. It asked them to rate the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3, and the Microsoft Xbox 360 in terms of quality and the PS3 came out on top in that regard.

The survey had 69 percent of respondents aged 11 to 18 saying that the PS3 is either “great” or “good.” The Wii is at the PS3’s heels with 64 percent saying the same thing about it. The Xbox 360 isn’t far off the Wii with 58 percent.

While the PS3 has the edge in appealing to the pre-teen and teen crowd in general, the Wii is a clear leader on the feminine side of things. Its strongest suit is girls up to 16 years old widely preferring it over its rivals.

Geographically, the Xbox 360 has its strongest following in America, with it leading the Mexican and Colombian markets. It ranks second in preference in the US, Canadian, Venezuelan, and Dominican Republic markets.

Lastly, Habbo offers a feel of the future by gauging each system’s sales potential. Some 20 percent of the respondents said that they’re planning to buy a new console in the next 12 months. Habbo also notes that the Wii and the PS3 are 4 to 5 percent ahead on the Xbox 360 in terms of people interested in buying them.

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