Go Fish v1.1

PSP - Image 1For those of us who want to try their hand at a card game that isn’t Blackjack or Poker, then Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer’s project, Go Fish, should be one to look at. Featuring a neat, simple design and clean aesthetics all around, this one is a no-nonsense game that anyone can enjoy. All the details in the full article.

Download: Go Fish v1.1
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Go Fish - Image 1 

Fancy a card game that isn’t Blackjack or Poker? Then ready your fishing rods and train those bluffing faces as Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer dsi has just released the latest version of his homebrew game, Go Fish. Let’s see what’s changed from the last version that was released quite a while back.

Release Notes for version 1.1:

  • Added high score file containing overall results
  • Changed EBOOT icon (thanks to nicodemus82)
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • Improved random number seed; cards were getting predictable
  • works on PSP Slim now (thanks to homemister91’s new LuaPlayer HM)

Certainly a very good list of changes, if a bit on the skinny side. The most important one being that it now works on the PSP Slim, which makes for some entertaining gameplay for those of us who upgraded to the latest model. Installation is a piece of cake: simply extract the archive’s contents into the PSPGAME location of your memory stick, and you’re good to go.

Download: Go Fish v1.1
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development Forums

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