God of War II director leaves SCEA, God of War III confirmed

God of War - Image 1We all want to know what happens to Kratos next, and it seems that we’re going to find out with God of War III on the Sony PlayStation 3. That’s right, the existence of a next-gen sequel to the massively-popular series has been confirmed, but with a small hitch: Cory Barlog, the game director of God of War II, is leaving Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA). Does this mean that the sequel won’t be as epic as its predecessors? We hope not.

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God of War - Image 1

Good news and bad news, God of War fans. The good news is that finally, Kratos is getting the sequel he deserves on Sony‘s next-gen machine, the Sony PlayStation 3, with God of War III. The bad news is that Cory Barlog, the director for the massively-epic God of War II on the Sony PlayStation 2, is leaving Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) – which could mean that the sequel will be made without him on the helm.

This mixed bag update comes directly from Sony itself, via a statement released through a spokesperson. In the statement itself, Sony thanked the former game director for all he’s done to make the God of War series what it is now.

The spokesman then went on to reassure fans about the future of the series, saying: “Moving forward, we are confident in the God of War team, as they are an extremely talented group of people that are passionate about the franchise and dedicated to creating even more epic content with God of War: Chains of Olympus for the PSP and God of War III for PS3.”

If anything, these confirms two things: one, that a next-gen sequel to the God of War series will be made, and two, that it will probably be made without the help of Cory Barlog. We’re not sure what this bodes for the series, but if most of the original team is still intact, then we could probably expect a bigger, badder, and better Kratos all the same, even without Cory. Still, nothing’s set in stone yet besides the announcement, so we’ll all just have to wait for more info.

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