Google added a gauge to Google Maps for the iPhone for the first time.

Google Maps for iPhone will now include a speedometer
Google Maps for iOS will now include a speedometer as well as speed limits, half a decade after introducing the feature on Android. It’s difficult to accurately measure a car’s speeds, but the speedometer on the vehicle is more accurate than any mapping app. Apple Maps on the iPhone has speed limit alerts. Google plans to make the feature available on Google Maps worldwide. TechCrunch reported that the company is testing the feature currently in India. Google confirmed that iPhone users will have access to the speedometer, but did not specify a timeline. Google’s support page currently only mentions Android. The page also stresses that the speedometer figures are “for informational purposes only.” It continues, “Use your vehicle’s speedometer as a way to confirm your actual driving speeds.” This makes the whole thing seem pretty pointless. But perhaps the key word here is pretty. The Google Maps speedometer will change color when the driver exceeds the speed limit, unlike a normal speedometer. The speedometer may be available worldwide, but the more useful speed limit feature is not. Google’s Android support page refers to “options if the speed limits feature can be found in your area.” It is unlikely that Google will bring speed limits to Android users before it does so for iPhone users. Apple, on the other hand, introduced its speed limit feature in Apple Maps back in 2020 and has been rolling it out across more countries since then.


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