Grand Theft Auto 4 soundtracks downloadable from Amazon

Grand Theft Auto enables buying of songs with much ease - Image 1It can’t be denied that Rockstar North‘s Grand Theft Auto 4 has popularized its in-game radio feature. So much so, that if there’s a specific track that interests you in the game, you can easily grab that tune and download it from Amazon.

It is through Rockstar and Amazon‘s efforts that have enabled purchasing songs with little or no difficulty. Read more on this after the jump!

Grand Theft Auto enables buying of songs with much ease - Image 1Games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 might have done great with the way the games are able to sell music found within it. The same goes for Rockstar North‘s Grand Theft Auto 4‘s (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) in-game radio feature.

But unlike the two that have been mentioned, GTA4 lets players tag songs from the game’s soundtrack. Information on the track title and artist can be placed in a playlist on the Amazon digital music store. This in turn enables the possibility of purchasing and downloading the song in the future.

It’s only in GTA 4 that lets the direct purchasing of songs with a “buy” button. This new method is actually what music companies are looking for. According to the senior vice president of marketing and licensing of EMI Music North America, Cynthia Sexton:

We’re continually looking for new ways to sell our music. There are millions of people buying “Grand Theft Auto,” and we hope they will enjoy the music and in turn buy those tracks.

Through this latest endeavor, Rockstar can be considered an ally by the music industry today. The game itself can provide a good experience in or out of the game. This has certainly brought out something good, both for the video game and the music scene. Who knows? There might be another innovation in the future that will enhance gaming experience further.

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