Grid Soccer – turn-based soccer on DS

Soccer ball - Image 1Here’s another homebrew game for the Nintendo DS courtesy of homebrew developer Falafel. Grid Soccer is quite a simple game for two players, but if you don’t mind turn-based soccer fun, check out the full article for more details.

Download: Grid Soccer

Soccer DS - Image 1Homebrew developer Falafel came up with something for the Nintendo DS that he wants players to try out during boring lectures. Grid Soccer for Nintendo’s handheld is a simple game in which two players race to the opposing player’s goal.

Similar to soccer, Falafel‘s Grid Soccer employs a grid where players will be moving around while taking turns in trying to reach their respective goals. Players are represented by lines on the grid, and they move from one node to another.

The screen goes red when the red player wins, and the same happens when the green player emerges victorious. There are times when you get stuck, and Grid Soccer will end with a blue screen when that happens. The download is in .nds format and it’s a quick download, so you might want to try it out if your card can run it.

Download: Grid Soccer

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