GTA IV Australia compared to UK version for cut details

GTA IV Oz - I want my blood and gore! - Image 1Wondering how the Australian version of Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) turned out? A lot were turned off by the said edited version so they opted to cancel their pre-orders so they can import uncut versions of it instead. Now, we have concrete details as to what exactly is different from the version downunder. PALGN reader Mick let’s us in on the scoop.

GTA IV - Image 1 With all the hullaballo that surrounded the Australian version of Rockstar’s GTA IV (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360), thanks to its edited version, a month into its release, the question now to be answered is this: what exactly was taken out, and how significant are these to the gameplay?

Reader Mick of PALGN seems to have the answer to that question, as he claims to have played both the Australian and the UK version, and thus was able to make a comparison.

According to him, in the Aussie version, selecting a prostitute for a “service” is not possible. Apart from that, the sex animation was also cut out. Instead, players will only see the car bouncing from a locked rear-view.

In the unedited UK version, selecting a service from the prostitute is possible, and the camera can be rotated to see the prostitute’s action.

As for the blood and gore, there aren’t any blood pools beneath a dead person after shooting or stabbing them. Alright, they gave the splatters a chance, but not the pools. This is a rather tame depiction of GTA IV carnage, as the other versions are pretty generous with blood oozing out from the body, or bloodprints from a shoe that’s walked over a blood pool.

The last of Mick’s observation is that when a character – be it Niko or other NPCs – get injured, the uncut version has light blood patches in the body, where in the edited version there is none.

After all these revelations, it then looks as if the edited version of Australia‘s GTA IV isn’t as grave as people predicted it to be. Sure, it wasn’t as gory, and it wasn’t as spicy as some would have hoped for, but ultimately, it does not really distract that much from the fun and action that is promised in the game.

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