GTA: Vice City Stories – a whole bunch of vids

Comments on our GTA: Vice City Stories posts have been pretty much positive so far, unless of course it’s well done sarcasm (I jest), so it’s safe to say that the game is pretty hot when it comes to you guys. Not to hype it up even more, but a good number of you said, “can’t wait” or even something to the effect that this game will sell the PSP in America the way FF will sell the PSP in Japan.

So, just for you guys, we thought of making a collection of Rockstar Games’ GTA: Vice City Stories vids for your amusement. Some of these you may have seen before and some of these may be new. Good thing the vids are embeds, so if it’s something you’ve seen already you can just skip over it.

Update: Okay, so we noticed the vids aren’t working, and setting them up for you to download will just probably annoy you guys, so here’s an “all-in-one” video that should have all the clips bunched up in one go.

Pre-order: [GTA: Vice City Stories]

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