Guild Wars to introduce PvE versions of skills

Guild Wars - Image 1While PvP players undoubtedly dominate the Guild Wars scene, those who enjoy PvE always take hits when skills get tweaked for the arenas without consideration for their usefulness against monsters. Fortunately, NCsoft folks have revealed that they’re working on a system to make PvE skill changes separate from PvP. See the full article to learn what it’s all about.

Guild Wars - Image 1

If you’ve been playing NCsoft‘s Guild Wars long enough, you’ll be aware about skill balance always being an issue as the metagame constantly changes while PvE doesn’t. To fix the little problem which plagued the MMORPG since its inception, developers revealed they’re planning to employ a system to keep skills balanced.

According to the latest semi-official dev updates on the Guild Wars Wiki, there won’t be a skill update this week. Not because balance finally reached that sweet spot, but due to a change in plans. The new goal is to tweak skills so that those useless against other players in PvP can be efficient against monsters in PvE.

This isn’t to say there’d be two completely different skill sets. “We will do this as sparingly as possible and start with very few skills… we intend to keep as many skills unchanged as we can,” Guild Wars folks explained. In other words, pure PvP fans don’t need to worry about anything – the upcoming system basically just allows PvE skill balancing separate from PvP.

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