Guitar Hero 3 for PC updated to version 1.3

Guitar Hero 3 for PC updated to version 1.3 - Image 1The PC version of Activision‘s Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock is getting a new patch. Yup, it’s now at version 1.3 and plenty of cool additions have been put into place for people who love to shred on their computers. See the full article for the changelog.

Guitar Hero 3 - Image 1 If you’re tearing up the axe with some mean Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock riffs on the PC, you’ll love what the guys over at Activision and Neversoft have for you. Version 1.3 of the game is ready and the patch is yours for the taking.

Before you jump off your seat and go out on a limb to download the update, you might want to check out the changelog. There are several differences in this version, but all of them are incredibly cool. Here they are:

  • New “Front Row Cam” option allows better performance on low end
    configurations, with smoother gameplay.
  • Laptop specific optimizations for better performance.
  • Intel X3100 graphics chips are now supported.
  • A battery meter icon will display remaining battery charge on
    supported laptops.
  • A Wifi meter will display signal strength during multiplayer games on
    supported laptops.

You can follow the source link we posted below to the download site where you can acquire the patch file. Ratings and other useful stuff await you there.

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