Halo Wars Alpha confirmed, internal Ensemble Studios tournament postponed

Halo Wars - Image 1A few weeks ago, we reported on a rumor about the existence of Halo Wars Alpha. Ensemble Studios has just confirmed its existence through the April Halo Wars update where the devs also provided a few details about the upcoming real-time strategy game. Head over the full article to find the updates.

Halo Wars - Image 1Did the rumor about the Halo Wars alpha which we reported a few weeks back get you stoked? Ensemble Studios has just checked back again with its April Halo Wars update, bringing news that an Alpha for the real-time strategy game does exist.

However, the devs from Ensemble Studios were mum on details, only relaying the fact that Microsoft people were in on the Alpha.

The devs also confirmed that their planned internal April Madness Halo Wars Tournament of Destruction is currently on hold. They want to postpone it until the “game’s full arsenal” is already available. We hope it’s worth the wait.

Though there is no new gameplay updates, the Ensemble devs did share a thing or two about their practice rounds. Scorpion tanks are proving to be a popular choice, however they can be countered with a contingent of Marines. Likewise, air units are also exceptionally effective with their hit-and-run capabilities that the devs have decided to tone it down a bit.

For more of the Ensemble devs practice round discussions, head over the via link where an interview with the Halo Wars Music and Sound Director also awaits you. More updates as QJ.NET gets them.

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