HappyMMO features three eccentric weapons in Elf Online

An Elf Online logo - Image 1Swords, daggers, bows and staves are standard issue for practically any fantasy-themed MMORPG out there. How about Boxing Chicken Leg Sticks, Dodging Banana Darts and Toilet Brushes? If these sound eccentric to you, they should – they’re a part of HappyMMO‘s Elf Online. More weirdness follow after the jump.

A game as zany as Elf Online must have crazy weapons - Image 1When HappyMMO started marketing Elf Online as “the craziest MMORPG in history,” it seems the developer wasn’t kidding. On second thought, perhaps the developer was kidding after all, seeing how players have such eccentric weapons as Boxing Chicken Leg Sticks, Dodging Banana Darts and Toilet Brushes available to them.

As odd as it sounds, HappyMMO claims that the Boxing Chicken Leg Stick is not the same kind of chicken leg that one may find at a place like KFC or McDonald’s. The danger, HappyMMO says, lies in its mouth-watering smell, so foes had better think twice about giving in to the temptation to eat it.

The Dodging Banana Dart is another Elf Online weapon that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It may be made from the same banana peel that causes people to slip, so caution is the name of the game when going up against one who wields this weapon during a battle or a siege.

Finally, the Toilet Brush is a weapon for your knight. It’s used for…well, use your imagination. It was reported that even the folks at HappyMMO were incredulous when they laid eyes on this weapon.

Do note that these are only three of the weapons available to Elf Online players, so if has left you hungering for more information, feel free to check out HappyMMO’s website care of the source link below.

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