Hellgate: London – Founder’s subscription offer extended

Hellgate: London extends Founder's subscription offer - Image 1Planning to fight your way through the undead ranks of Flagship StudiosHellgate: London MMORPG for the long haul? The studio has just announced that due to popular demand, they will be extending their Founder lifetime subscription offer.

Flagship is also sending out word on other payment plans that just might be made available to the players. Full details for each bit of news are available in the full article.

Hellgate: London - extension for the Founder's Offer - Image 1

From the looks of it, Flagship Studios isn’t done looking out for the welfare of the denizens of their Hellgate: London MMORPG. The company is sending out word that they will be extending the availability of their Founder’s lifetime subscription until the end of this year. If you haven’t signed up for a game account yet, now might be a very good time.

That aside, the company let loose with more good news for Hellgate: London‘s current subscribers. Flagship has announced that they’re looking into setting up more convenient payment options, including (but not limited to) Pay By Cash and Paypal.

The studio also states they’re planning on making debit card payment options available to their European chapters, given this was the preferred transaction method in the region. That’s the latest update straight from the devs. Keep checking back in case further announcements are made.

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