Hidden price drops on the PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store selling certain titles for less - Image 1It looks like there are some bargains to be found today. PSP Fanboy reports that the PlayStation Store has some titles that are going for cheap!

Wanna know what those titles are? Learn about them after the jump!

PlayStation Store selling some games for less - Image 1 

It looks like today’s a good day for bargains. PSP Fanboy reports that certain titles on Sony‘s recently-opened PC PlayStation Store are going for discounted prices.

According to the report, the following titles have had their prices slashed to the price listed below:

  • Gangs of London – US$ 12.99
  • SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo – US$ 10.99
  • Wipeout Pure – US$ 10.99

We suggest you do a bit of searching though, as we were only able to confirm the price drop for Wipeout Pure. Still, if the report is to be believed, then gamers are certainly in luck!

Via PSP Fanboy

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