Hirai confirms 65nm Cell, claims 20GB, 60GB PS3 not dead

Sony PS3 - Image 1Confused as to what size the 40GB Sony PlayStation 3′s Cell processor measures? Never fear, because Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kazuo Hirai is here. He’ll tell you the real deal behind the measure of the 40GB PS3’s Cell and the RSX graphics engine. Also, Hirai talks about the future of the 60GB and 20GB Sony PS3 models. Will they be placed in production again? Kazuo says that just might happen depending on how much you’ll miss backwards compatibility.

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Sony PS3 - Image 1If you’re one of many who have been confused about the processor size of Sony‘s 40GB version of its PlayStation 3 game console, Sony Computer Entertainment head honcho Kazuo Hirai has some clarifications. Hirai confirmed that the new 40GB Sony PS3 uses a 65nm Cell Processor instead of the old 90nm versions.

Hirai also noted that while the Cell has been made smaller, the RSX graphics engine that powers the Sony PlayStation 3 remains at the 90nm measure. No performance differences are expected, except for power efficiency benefits for the 40GB version.

The SCE boss also addressed questions on the future of the 60GB and 20GB Sony PlayStation 3 models. He says that while both SKUs remain in stock, production has been halted for both.

Both the 20GB and the 60GB Sony PS3 are backwards compatible, meaning that they can run Sony PSX and PlayStation 2 titles. Hirai says that these two may be produced again in the future, but it depends on how the market reacts to the absence of backwards compatibility features.

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