Hold+ v2.2 – battery saver plug-in for the PSP

PSP - Image 1If you’ve been using Hold+ v2.1, then you might want that homebrew developer Torch has rolled out a new version of the plug-in. To find out more about this, head on over to the full article by clicking on the “read more” link below.

Download: Hold+ v2.2
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PSP - Image 1Running out of juice on your Sony PlayStation Portable? Well, you should probably take a look at Homebrew Developer Torch’s Hold+ v2.2. For those who missed the previous release, it is a plug-in which should help conserve the battery life of the handheld.

According to the change log of the plug-in, users should now be able to run the PSP while the display is turned off. Quite useful for those who use their PSPs to listen to MP3s while on the go. Here’s the complete change log and usage instructions as taken from the plug-in’s release thread:

Changelog v2.2


Added feature to allow operation of the PSP with display turned off.


Turn on the Hold switch to automatically disable the display and underclock the CPU. Turn off the Hold switch to return the CPU to normal speed and enable the display.

If you hold the UP d-pad button when turning off the hold switch, the display will remain switched off and the CPU will remain underclocked, but you can operate the PSP. This is useful if you just need to adjust the volume, fast forward/rewind, or to skip to the next song, without unnecessarily turning on the display. To return to normal, just press the Screen button.

Like all plug-ins, remember to go over the documentation (readme.txt file) included with the program to avoid any problems with the installation and use of the program.

Download: Hold+ v2.2
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