Homebrew game: JewelQuest for the Wii

Homebrew game: JewelQuest for the Wii - Image 1We’re letting the readers know that developed mcartman has created a Wii homebrew adaptation of iWin’s Jewel Quest title. Wondering just how this game works? You can find out more via the details in the full article.

Download: JewelQuest for the Wii

Homebrew game: JewelQuest for Wii - Image 1We’re letting you guys know that developer mcartman is announcing the release of an adaptation of the JewelQuest game for  the Nintendo Wii. For those not familiar with the title, Jewel Quest is a “match 3” puzzle game played on an 8-by-8 grid.

The game was developed and published by iWin, and was released to PCs, Macs, Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live), and the DS.

Your objective is to clear each stage by lining up at least three matching gems in the grid. You can swap two adjacent tiles at a time, with the level clearing when the background grid turns gold. mcartman notes that this release isn’t complete yet, and that only five stages are currently available for play. There is a level editor, though, so you’ll at least have the privilege of creating your own challenges.

Those interested in giving this homebrew game a try will want to read the LisezMoi.txt in the file bundle first. That should give you all the information you’ll need to load this game into your Wii console.

Download: JewelQuest for the Wii

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