Homebrew – Mandelbrot Fractal v2.0

Homebrew - Mandelbrot Fractal v2.0 - Image 1Want a quirky little homebrew application for your handheld DS console? Then TheMagnitude’s latest offering is what you’ve been looking for. The developer has just released Mandelbrot Fractal v2.0. Just what exactly is it? Head on over to the full article to find out.

Download: Mandelbrot Fractal v2.0

Homebrew - Mandelbrot Fractal v2.0 - Image 1Homebrew developer TheMagnitude has just released the latest version of his application, the Mandelbrot Fractal v2.0. The photo on the right showcases just what this particular application can do.

Here’s a short primer so that you aren’t completely left out in the dark about the Mandelbrot Fractal. It’s a set of points on a complex plane. Their boundaries form a fractal. It’s pretty much self-explanatory upon checking the photo we’ve provided.

The Mandelbrot set has become popular even outside mathematics for its aesthetic quality and complicated structure which is solely based from a simple definition of points. Now, you guys can enjoy these points as quirky and colorful art works right in Nintendo Company Ltd.’s little console device.

Futhermore, the dev also hosted the source code on his website. You have to register to it before you can download it. Anyway, here are some of things that you should know about this version of the homebrew application. Read these carefully:

New features in v2.0:

  • Much much further zoom, can zoom up to 2^40 now
  • 3 Color mapping functions
  • Gradient of 6 colors
  • Increase/Decrease iterations
  • Zoom out

How to use:

  • D-PAD: Move 32px
  • TOUCH: Zoom in 16x
  • R/L: +/- Max Iterations
  • Y/X/A: Color Mappings
  • START: Start over
  • SELECT: Zoom out 16x

Now that you guys know what we have for you today, we won’t stop you from acquiring this nifty little application. All you have to do is click the link below and transfer it to your handhelds. We’ll keep you guys updated if there are news or developments on this homebrew.

Download: Mandelbrot Fractal v2.0

Via TheMagnitude

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