Homebrew: Mille Bornes v0.99

Mille Bornes - Image 1Those who’ve ever had the chance to play Mille Bornes – or 1,000 Milestones – may want to give this new PSP homebrew game from Yoshi Noir a try. It’s a PSP version of the classic French card game. Check it out at the full article.

Mille Bornes v0.99 - Image 1 Mille Bornes v0.99 - Image 2

Ever played Mille Bornes? It’s a French card game that you can pretty much find in most stores that sell games, even in the U.S. A homebrew developer by the name of Yoshi Noir has actually created a PSP version of this game, which is now at version 0.99.

The only problem is that the cards themselves are in French. Still, it looks like a pretty good time waster for PSP owners who happen to speak the language. Here’s the changelog for Mille Bornes v0.99, translated using Google Translate:

  • When the CPU throws a card, the PSP beeps rather than the noise associated with the card
  • Fixed a bug on the ally and the boot priority, it can now also announce coup-filled
  • Fixed a bug on other players when they threw a red light while an opposing player had the main priority => coup-filled abuse
  • Fixed a bug at the end of the game when there are more cards in the job; could choose a card empty
  • Fixed small bugs
  • Petit waiting time before announcing the coup-filled history to see something …
  • Adding a menu
  • Adding several game modes:
    • 1 player against 1 CPU
    • 1 player against 1 player
    • 1 player and 1 CPU against 2 CPUs
    • 1 player and 1 CPU against 1 player and 1 CPU
    • 2 players against 2 CPUs
    • 2 players against 2 players

Download: Mille Bornes v0.99

Via PSP-Generation

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