Hudson Soft presents official Bomberman Wii Japanese website

A Bomberman starring in Bomberman Wii - Image 1One of the best ways to promote an upcoming game is to set up an official website for it. Hudson Soft has done precisely that for the new Bomberman Wii game.

Not to be confused with Bomberman Land, Hudson Soft's other Bomberman-themed title, this new game certainly looks promising. For more explosive action, turn to the full article after the jump.

A Bomberman logo - Image 1If Hudson Soft's Bomberman Land has left you salivating for more pyrotechnics, then fear not. As reported, the company will be bringing another Bomberman-themed title to the Nintendo Wii

Admittedly, there isn't much content on the website yet, as it's relatively new. Still, Bomberman fans may see snippets of things to come based on the pictures on Hudson Soft's site. If you look closely, you'll even see some screenshots featuring Nintendo Miis as part of the Bomberman story.

In any case, the official website serves as a good teaser for what's to come. While you're waiting for Bomberman Wii's scheduled release on June 2008, why not check out the actual website care of the source link below?

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