Huxley for Xbox 360 to feature more content than PC version

Huxley - Image 1More details have come to light regarding the Xbox 360 version of Webzen‘s Huxley MMOFPS. For one, even though its release has been moved to 2009, the Xbox 360 version will have more content like Xbox 360-exclusive campaigns and PvP battles. More in the full article.

Huxley - Image 1It’s been a while since we last heard anything about Huxley, so those eagerly awaiting this ambitious MMOFPS will probably be glad that more details about the game have recently come to light.

The current issue of OXM has revealed that even though the game’s Xbox 360 version has been delayed, it will feature more content than the PC version. Said producer Kijong Kang, there will be Xbox 360-exclusive campaigns and PvP battles that will “reveal more secrets” about the Huxley world.

Also, those who opt for the Xbox 360 version can choose to stick to Huxley‘s simple-player campaign without having to pay any charges or fees. Of course, those who go the MMO way will have to pay a subscription to access the game’s servers.

Huxley‘s Xbox 360 version is slated for release in 2009. The PC version is coming later this year.


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