id Software walks out on ESA membership

Logo of Entertainment Software Association - Image 1This month saw the exodus of three companies from the ranks of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). Following the trend started by Activision, Vivendi, and LucasArts, id Software of Doom and Quake fame recently confirmed that it will also be taking its leave from the video gaming group. More details on this on our full article after the jump.

Logo of id Software, a video game company - Image 1Another company has followed in the footsteps of Activision, Vivendi, and LucasArts as they all walked out on their respective memberships with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). Texas-based video game company, id Software, joined the ranks of companies which have recently left the group.

The company behind the classic FPS title Doom failed to reveal any details regarding its reason to leave the ESA. However, word has it that id may release a full statement some time today which may explain their actions. Earlier this month, id already expressed hesitation to join the upcoming E3 event.

With only 24 members left on the ESA roster, it raises the question whether more companies will follow suit in this exodus away from the video gaming association. Keep an eye on this space for more news regarding the ESA.

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