iDeaS v1.0.2.4 beta: Nintendo DS emulator for your PC

Nintendo DS - Image 1If you fancied playing Nintendo DS games on your PC, you should have read about the homebrew emulator iDeaS from developer Lino. We reported about the previous version last February here. Today the new build – iDeaS beta version – is available with new bug fixes and improvements. What are the changes? You can find them at the full article.

Download: iDeas v1.0.2.4 beta

iDeaS homebrew. DS Emulator for your PC - Image 1 There are a handful of DS emulators for your PC out there, but the most active one is homebrew developer Lino’s iDeaS. How active? Dev Lino has just released iDeaS beta version today.

Last February, we reported the previous build which covered bug fixes and improvements. Today’s iDeaS beta version still features bug fixes and enhancements. But we can’t go wrong with that as it only means improved gameplay. Here’s the entire changelog:

  • Fixed a bug in POWCNT1 register.
  • Fixed a bug in BLX opcode.
  • Fixed a bug in Character Base Block.
  • Fixed a bug in Textures Management.
  • Fixed a bug in 0xE AR opcode.
  • Fixed a bug in LDRH Post Index Opcodes.
  • Fixed a bug in free textures.
  • Fixed a bug in Alpha Blending Effects.
  • Fixed a bug in bind textures.
  • Fixed a bug in Texture Coordinates Transformation.
  • Fixed a bug in Textures Blending.
  • Added advanced Textures Management.
  • Added support for GdiPlus for scaling operations.

To know more about controls, the emulator status specifics, and credits, kindly check the readme file which is included in the download.

Download: iDeas v1.0.2.4 beta

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