iDeaS v1.0.2.5 – with DirectSound PlugIn for Windows

Nintendo DS - Image 1Enjoyed Lino’s homebrew emulator, iDeaS much, didn’t you? Then you should like to continue reading on to the full article to check out the new stuff he’s added in to v1.0.2.5. Go on, hit that “read more” button.

Download: iDeaS v1.0.2.5

DS cat - Image 1And the updates just keep rolling in for Lino’s DS homebrew emulator, iDeaS, this time with v1.0.2.5. iDeaS, for those of you not in the know, is a PC emulator for your Nintendo DS.

With v1.0.2.5, here are the changes you’ll find:

  • Fixed a bug in texture Management.
  • Fixed a bug in BindTexture with Translucent Polygons.
  • Fixed a bug in VRAM Control Registers.
  • Fixed a bug in DMA with FIFO.
  • Fixed a bug in pixel rendering in Mode 3,4,5.
  • Added Palette Viewer.

DirectSound Plugin

  • Fixed a bug in resampling Options.
  • Fixed a bug in SOUNDxPNT registers.
  • Added Capture capabilities.

He also notes that for Windows and Linux users of Audio Plugins, it would be preferable to use one; if you’re using Paula Plugin, remove DirectSound Plugin or viceversa. That’s it for now, but we’re sure there’ll be more to come, so keep it posted here for more updates. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the readme!

Download: iDeaS v1.0.2.5

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