ImageMetrics’ facial animation used for UT3, GTA IV, others

ImageMetrics Facial Animation to be used For UT3, GTA IV - Image 1In order to bring more life to games such as Top Spin 3, Unreal Tournament 3, Midnight Club Los Angeles and Grand Theft Auto IV, the respective game developers tapped ImageMetrics to craft the games’ facial animation.

A video is also included to show of the things brought to life by ImageMetrics’ technology. Check it out after the jump!

A game’s graphics is one of the key features that heightens the gameplay experience. The more realistic it appears, the better it looks. Because of this, developers such as 2K Games, Epic Games, Rockstar North, and Rockstar San Diego have tapped ImageMetrics to do facial animations for their games.

Top Spin 3 (Xbox 360, PS3), Unreal Tournament 3 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3), Midnight Club Los Angeles (Xbox 360, PS3), and Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360, PS3) have all received the ImageMetrics treatment, as ImageMetrics developed (or is developing) the facial animations for the characters in these games.

ImageMetrics says that their animation technology animates faces without using markers or makeup and is able to convert human facial movement onto faces of game characters.

Epic Games’ president, Michael Capps, commented that,

It was critical to maintain our high level of cinematic quality while reducing the amount of manual animation effort. We chose Image Metrics to be our partner on Unreal Tournament 3 and were quite pleased with their effort and the end result.

Having this said, why not check out the video below to see how ImageMetrics is able to perform their magic with facial animation.

Via Gamasutra

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