Infectus modchip succesfully tested on D2C Wiis

Infectus modchip succesfulyl tested on D2C Wii - Image 1Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The Infectus team has recently announced that they have successfully run their own modchip on a Nintendo Wii equipped with the D2C chipset. While there are other modchips out there capable of running on the D2C, Infectus did mention that their modchip had its own major perk you’ll want to look into. More details on this announcement are available in the full article.

Infectus modchip tested in D2C Wii - Image 1It looks like another team’s joined the fray in cracking Nintendo’s Wii console. We have just received word that the Infect us team has successfully run their own modchip on a Wii equipped with the D2C chip.

While this feat has already been accomplished by previous chips like D2CKey, the Infect us team’s claim to fame is that heir chip apparently runs with just 13 wires.

In line with this announcement, the team further announced that they’re planning to follow up this new D2C-enabled modchip with a new version of the Infect us programmer.

This appears to be a preliminary announcement, as no other details (such as pricing ) have been stated. Drop by again in case more info is released.

Via Infectus

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