Infinity Ward preparing update for PS3’s CoD4: Modern Warfare

CoD4: Modern Warfare - Image 1While Infinity Ward was away for the holidays, some of us playing the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3Xbox 360, PC) version of the excellent Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare noticed a few issues. Now that the devs are back at work. they’re working on an update to fix the problems right away. Proceed to the full article for more details.

Call of Duty 4 banner - Image 1

As great as Activision and Infinity Ward‘s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360, PC) for the PlayStation 3 is, it’s not without its share of minor issues. Some server-related problems were reported during the holidays, prompting the devs to get right on the job as they return to the studio after the big break.

In the official Infinity Ward forums, the community relations manager posted an encouraging message. It reads:

As you know everyone is back at the studio in force as of today and the day has been full of discussion regarding the PS3 version. This isn’t an update thread, but a heads up to an update coming. I’m going to have an update for you in the near future (probably tomorrow) regarding the server issues you may have experienced over the holiday break while attempting to play online in Call of Duty 4 PS3; this update should give you all the background information on the issue and some fixes that should be going into effect.

It’s good to know that Infinity Ward is committed to delivering expedient service whenever issues are reported. We’ll give you more news as soon as information on the update hits.

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