Insomniac crew talks about Resistance 2 visuals and gameplay

Resistance 2 - Image 1Europe is overrun by extraterrestrials, Sergeant Nathan Hale is the sole survivor of an alien attack, and it’s up to you to save the world. But before all that, let’s go behind the scenes with the Insomniac Games crew as they tell us a little something about Resistance 2.

Resistance 2 - Image 1 The Chimera – your typical evil, but super advanced extraterrestrials – have invaded Europe. It’s up to you and Sgt. Nathan Hale to save the world from utter destruction and intergalactic colonization. Luckily, the Resistance 2 crew at Insomniac games tells us a little more than all that.

The graphics are stunning – environment details and creature mechanics were fine-tuned to near perfection, with the Leviathan sitting as the centerpiece.

“The Leviathan is certainly the largest moving object we attempted in Resistance 2,” said Insomniac CEO Ted Price. “To achieve the realistic, graphic look required a great deal of planning, together with high-resolution detail and parallax maps to accentuate the smaller details relative to the larger details of the surrounding city.” The smoke, dust particles, splattering blood, and the smallest of debris have been given astonishing detail.

Some characters from the first Resistance will be joining the action to help beat the new monsters that’ll come out in Resistance 2. “The Sentinels were all new, in fact most of the enemies were all new,” said senior character artist Samuel Sharit. “We started from the ground up on this reprise and made a lot of new challenging opponents.”

As for the weapons, the Magnum and the Marksman will be joining old favorites such as Carbine and Bullseye. With tougher baddies on the loose, the extra firepower will be most welcome.

For more info on the interview and glorious screenshots from Resistance 2, you can check out the source link below.

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