Installing mods on Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3

epic games - Image 1Ever thought that you’ll someday play a third-person shooter that looked like Gears of War on your PlayStation 3? Now you can because of Sony‘s open policy to user content. Epic Games is blazing the trail with its user tools for Unreal Tournament 3 and results are coming in. We’ve got a video clip showing that off along with a walkthrough on mod installation after the jump.

When Sony said that it’s embracing user-generated content for the PlayStation Network, the company meant every word of it. Epic Games is blazing the trail in that department with Unreal Tournament 3‘s open approach to having it modded. In this video, we’re seeing some of that.

Also, you’ll be taught how to download and install the mods yourself. Here we see a mod which transforms the excellent FPS action of Unreal Tournament 3 into a third-person shooting affair a la Gears of War. It’s really exciting to see stuff like this and we hope to see more of it soon. ‘Nuff said, enjoy the clip below.

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