Interplay releases 2007 earnings, plans development on sequels and Fallout MMORPG

A logo for Interplay  - Image 1Normally, a company’s financial reports for the previous year involve lots of numbers, but Interplay’s report is a little different. How so?

Let’s just say the company also mentioned several titles that it plans to work on – including an MMORPG planned way back and several revivals. Curious? Find out what these titles are in the full article, right after the jump.

Another logo for Interplay - Image 1It may seem odd, but a financial report may be an interesting medium for a company like Interplay to communicate its plans to players.

What plans, you may ask? Why, revivals of classic titles and continued development of the Fallout MMORPG, of course. In a nutshell, Interplay reported 2007 net revenues of US$ 6,001,000 and a net income of US$ 5.86 million. 

According to Interplay, sales of the Fallout intellectual property helped contribute to the net income figures. But that’s not all. Interplay has already planned a two-pronged gaming strategy. One part involves the move to secure funding for the development of a Fallout MMORPG.

The other involves leveraging its portfolio of gaming properties. In other words, Interplay has plans to create sequels of some of its most successful past titles. These include Earthworm Jim, Dark Alliance, Descent and MDK.

In line with these plans, Interplay has recently re-initiated its in-house game development studio, and has also begun hiring game developers.

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