iPhone may not make it to China, says executives

iPhone - Image 1So, will China get its hands on the ever-popular iPhone? Chinese mobile communications executives have the answer: highly unlikely. It turns out that Apple’s business practices go against Chinese age-old business traditions, not to mention that phones aren’t SIM-locked in that side of the universe. Read on to find out more.

iPhone - Image 1It looks like those living in China may have to wait longer for Apple’s popular mobile iPhone, or not even expect it at all. Mobile communications industry executives in China said that the mobile will be plagued with technical and fee problems if ever the phone will be released in the country.

One technical snag is that the phones sold in China are never SIM-locked to any mobile network operator. iPhones, as most people are aware of by now, are usually distributed exclusively by one network service provider. “You have to realize Chinese SIM cards are not locked up, as the iPhones’ are,” said one of the Chinese executives.

Another issue is the iPhone‘s lack of support for Chinese text messaging.

But one of the more pressing issues is Apple’s requirement for mobile operators share revenue with Apple. “Our business model does not entail sharing revenue with terminal producers — we don’t share revenue. That’s a Chinese rule,” said the executive.

Local mobile operators are still open to the idea of introducing the iPhone in Chinese shores, however.

Via Reuters

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