IrDA Patcher: infrared keyboard bug fixer

Sony PlayStation Portable - Image 1Are you having problems with the infrared features of your 3.80 CFW-powered Sony PSPs when using homebrews such as PSPWrite or AFKIM? Worry no more as homebrew developer Angelo of the unofficial piKey team has released IrDA (infrared) Patcher to solve these issues. More details over at the full article.

Download: IrDA (infrared) Patcher

Sony PlayStation Portable - Image 1

Homebrew developer Angelo of the unofficial piKey team has noted that 3.80 Custom Firmware-powered Sony PlayStation Portable handhelds encounter problems when used with infrared keyboard-supporting homebrew applications. To solve the issues, dev Angelo came up with IrDA (infrared) Patcher.

The infrared feature fails to work when in the “Game3.XX” mode. Examples of affected homebrews are the word processor PSPWrite and the instant messenger AFKIM. Dev Angelo’s IrDA Patcher solves it by simply adding Flash0:KDIRDA.PRX to ms0:SEPluginsGame.txt.

Is that a bit complicated? By doing this procedure, the IRDA.PRX driver loads the affected Game3.XX mode. Thus, you can now use your infrared keyboards again.

Coder Angelo wants you to know that there is no risk of bricking because the IrDA Patcher itself doesn’t access the flash0 at all. However, pay attention that this can only be used for PSP Fat units.

For a step-by-step installation guide, please check the readme first. Safety first!

Download: IrDA (infrared) Patcher

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