Iron Man launch date, voice cast announced

Iron Man - Image 1Sega has finally announced the launch date of the video game counterpart of the upcoming Marvel Studios movie Iron Man (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, DS, PC). Iron Man the game will hit stores right before summer sets in, and it’ll feature some of the best Hollywood talents in the voice cast. For the exact launch date and the voice cast, see the full article up ahead.

Iron Man - Image 1

Stan Lee‘s true believers and gaming fans in general will be happy to know that upcoming Sega offering Iron Man (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, DS, PC) has been dated. Along with that announcement is the revelation of the main voice cast for the third-person action title.

Iron Man the game will launch on May 2, 2008 on all the platforms it’s slated for. It will feature top talents Robert Downey Jr., Terence Howard and Shaun Toub reprising their movie roles. Downey will bring life to main character Tony Stark, Howard will play Lt. Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes, and Toub will do his part as Yinsen.

Iron Man the game’s storyline tells the tale of billionaire and inventor extraordinaire Tony Stark who gets captured by evildoers in the Middle East. Stark’s captors give him orders to build an ultimate weapon, but he instead crafts a suit of armor that turns him into a one-man militia. Players will guide Iron Man in third-person shooting fashion through enemy-infested terrains filled with lots of stuff to blow up.

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