Iwata: future WiFi features to be implemented on DS

Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo - Image 1When Satoru Iwata announced that Nintendo wanted “to create a platform that no one could hate”, he did just that with the release of the Nintendo DS in 2004. A couple of years later, this was followed up with the the launch of the Wii to households everywhere. The Nintendo CEO talks about the successful gaming platforms and their future development.

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Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo - Image 1In a recent interview conducted by asahi.com, they sat down and talked to Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo, as he talked about the Nintendo market strategy and how they designed the Wii and DS into what has become two of the highest top-selling gaming platforms today.

Satoru mentioned that when they launched the DS in 2004, they wanted “to create a platform that no one could hate”. The company centered on gameplay and innovation as their main focus when designing games for the new generation of gaming platforms.

This was evident with the campaign they had in mind with the family-oriented Wii console. He mentioned that they wanted non-gamers such as mothers who hated games to be drawn into the wholesome atmosphere the Wii advertises.

He also mentioned that the simplicity of both the Wii and DS make it enough that the less tech-savvy people using them would still get to enjoy most, if not all, their features.

In closing, Satoru talked about the future of the best-selling DS handheld and what they have in store for it:

The use of the DS’s WiFi capabilities for information. With over 20 million units sold domestically, we can go beyond games. Uses like getting off a train and downloading a map of the surrounding area, with descriptions of stores. The expanding of WiFi access throughout train stations, underground plazas, and restaurants allows the DS to get online from many more places.

You can check out the full interview at the Japanese website through the Via link below, or you can check out this translation on NeoGAF.

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