Jack Thompson interview: NIU shootout related to violent video games

Jack Thompson, Florida attourney and anti-video game activist - Image 1Jack Thompson is at it again, and this time he has his eye on the recent shoot out that occurred at North Illinois University earlier today. In an interview with Fox News, he presented the same arguments as with previous campus massacres and other violent incidents, pinning the blame once again on violent video games. You can read more about what Jack Thompson had to say, as well as the video interview in the full article after the jump.

Florida attorney and anti-video game activist Jack Thompson - Image 1A new campus shooting incident has attracted the attention of Florida-based attorney Jack Thompson. This latest incident took place in North Illinois University, where Stephen Kazmierczak, a 27-year old graduate killed seven people including himself.

In an interview with Fox News, Thompson linked this latest tragedy with studies from Harvard brainscans which can simulate violent behavior through “simulators called video games”. He also cited previous cases such as the Virginia Tech shootings and other similar incidents, pinning the blame on violent video games.

In a related e-mail sent by Jack Thompson to GamePolitics, he related his crusade to his ongoing struggle with the Florida Bar:

I am certain that the past and future survivors of these incidents will not fully understand why The Florida Bar is seeking to destroy a latter-day Paul RevereÂ… for his telling the truth about companies and lawyers that are spawning, for money, these types of events.

You can watch Thompson’s statement released on Fox News this morning about the incident in the video below.

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