Jack Thompson lashes back at EA

EA Logo - Image 1After the scathing rejection that publisher Electronic Arts gave activist lawyer Jack Thompson, not a lot of people expected to hear the end of it just yet. If you’re one of those looking forward to more fireworks, you won’t be disappointed as Thompson has already issued a retaliatory message. Read all about it in the full article ahead.

Jack Thompson - Image 1In an earlier post, we reported that activist lawyer Jack Thompson offered his help to publisher Electronic Arts in the company’s bid to acquire rival Take-Two Interactive. EA ended up dismissing the US attorney’s proposal in rather scathing fashion.

Mr. Thompson didn’t take the rejection well.

In a response statement recently posted on Game Politics, Thompson implicated his knowledge of how Take-Two Interactive does its business in underhanded ways. He also hinted of legal liabilities that the publisher is entangled with concerning one of his “clients.”

“My client informs me that Take-Two has breached a substantial contract with it.,” reveals Thompson. “It appears based upon what my client tells me that this is how Take-Two does business within the industry”.

He details how “gratifying” it was for him to hear about Take-Two’s alleged business practices and what all of this could mean to EA. “How sweet”, comments Mr. Thompson.

“If you all at EA want to pursue a purchase of Take-Two without fully knowing what is ‘out there’ in the form of liabilities, posed by my client and others, of your take-over target, you got right ahead,” continues the outspoken attorney. He then says he’s sure that EA’s investors will be impressed with what the acquisition brokers are missing out on.

For a parting shot, Thompson suggests to EA that “maybe the new corporate logo of EA should incorporate an ostrichÂ…”

Thompson has had plenty of run-ins with Take-Two in the past, stemming from legal tussles on the subject of games like Manhunt 2, the Grand Theft Auto series, and others of that ilk.

Via Game Politics

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