Jaffe wants to be involved in God of War 3

Kratos action figure - Image 1 David Jaffe, creator of the God of War series, may now be in a different studio but he still would love to be involved in how God of War 3 for the Sony PlayStation 3. In a recent interview with GameDaily, he talks about a “master plan” for the upcoming bombshell. He also talks about his appreciation for Bioshock by 2K Boston and how he as a gamer can’t get into it. See the detailed version for more.

David Jaffe - Image 1David Jaffe, the man credited for starting it all in Sony‘s God of War franchise, has admitted in a recent interview that he would love to be involved in the upcoming God of War 3 game for the Sony PlayStation 3. He says he has always had a “master plan” for the story of Kratos and would like to see it become gaming reality.

Jaffe recently left the God of War team to open new studio Eat Sleep Play with Scott Campbell. They’re still backed up by Sony with a three-game publishing deal.

In the interview with GameDaily, Jaffe said that he left his God of War 3 master plan notes with the Santa Monica team and it’s up to them if they want to follow his guide or create a new twist entirely.

Jaffe directed the first and second God of War games, as well as the legendary Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal Black car combat games. He’s currently working on porting the Sony PSP’s Twisted Metal: Head On to the Sony PlayStation 2.

In the same interview, Jaffe talked about 2K Boston’s recent hit Bioshock and how the title should be a front runner for game of the year honors. He also notes that as a gamer, he just can’t get into the game. If you want to read the full interview, follow the Via link and tell us what you think.

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