Japan gets PSP and PS3 deals on Japanese PlayStation.com for January

Ka-ching! - Image 1More deals pouring in – this time, we’re heading to Japan for more PS3 and PSP deals. They’re getting discounted prices for some good games on January as part of their “The Best” line. Check the games and pricing after the jump.

Happy New Year! - Image 1December’s only starting, but already the Japanese are readying for a January deal. PlayStation.com Japan is offering discounted PSP and PS3 titles all for your further gaming indulgence.

For the PlayStation 3, they have:

  • Disgaea 3 for Â¥ 3,990 (about US$ 43)
  • Lost Planet for Â¥ 3,140 (about US$ 34)

For the PlayStation Portable:

  • Gundam Giren no Yabou Akushizu no Kyoui for Â¥ 2,800 (about US$ 30)
  • Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters for Â¥ 2,800 (About US$ 30)

This is for all you folks out there in Japan, who seem to be getting it all – Dissidia, White Knight Chronicles, the Gundam titles just to name a few. *envious sigh* Those guys are going to have SUCH a happy New Year.

Deals that the rest of us can get:

Via PlayStation.com Japan

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