Japan to launch Anata wo Yurusanai on July 24

Anata wo Yurusanai Chunsoft - Image 1Fans of interactive novels will finally get to enjoy Anata wo Yurusanai for the PSP soon. The game will be released on July 24, so if you’re planning to get this game you might as well brush up on your Japanese reading skills. Read more in the full article.

Anata wo Yurusanai Chunsoft - Image 1 

PSP gamers who want a taste of in-depth storyline the likes of Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Phoenix Wright franchise on the PSP will finally get their chance soon, now that AQ Interactive and Chunsoft‘s Anata wo Yurusanai (I Won’t Forgive You) is finally dated to be released on July 24.

For those who aren’t familiar with this title yet, Anata wo Yurusanai follows a female detective who is set on finding out the truth behind the death of her father and the whereabouts of her long-missing husband.

The game is meant to be played with the PSP held vertically; and the control uses the analog nub for the most part to let the female detective follow suspects, as well as check places for clues.

Known as a “sound novel”, Anata wo Yurusanai promises to deliver a top-notch story that’s going to be a hit among the fans of interactive and visual novels.

Via Famitsu

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