[JC] Coors sued by iPhone application developer – with mabie comments

iPhone with iBeer - Image 1Hottrix, a small mobile device application developer, is suing Coors for US$ 12.5 million. Hottrix claims that Coors had stolen the intellectual property rights to their iPhone application called iBeer, which allows a user to simulate drinking a virtual glass of beer through their phones.

Hottrix, the complainant on this US$ 12.5 Million law suit, alleges that Coors copied a novelty application that allows users to virtually drink a “glass” of beer. Just to give you an idea what that’s like: here’s iBeer’s YouTube demo of the app:



Hottrix’s iBeer application and Coor’s iPint appeared at about the same time in the iPhone‘s App Store on July 11, though the YouTube video of iBeer preceeded both, lending some legitimacy to Hottrix’s claim.

Personally, I’m a little disappointed that Coors and Hottrix weren’t able to settle things outside of court since iPint was free to download and a settlement would have kept it free. Sadly, corporate greed (and my cheap nature) will keep my virtual thirst unquenched.


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