Jimi Hendrix and The Raconteurs to come to Guitar Hero: World Tour in November

Guitar Hero World Tour - Image 1Jimi Hendrix and The Raconteurs will be appearing in Guitar Hero: World Tour (Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii). They will be bringing three songs each and Jimi’s gonna be a playable character. All I can say is: it’s about time.

Jimi Hendrix - Image 1THE Jimi Hendrix, easily one of the most recognizable and talented musicians of the 20th century and a true “Guitar Hero,” is slated to leave his mark on Guitar Hero: World Tour (Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii).

He will appear as a playable character this November 13th and three additional Hendrix tracks will also be made available for download on the same day. The tracks are “If 6 was 9,” “Little Wing,” and a live version of the iconic “Fire.”

Also appearing on their videogame debut are The Raconteurs, a charismatic rock band. They’ll be releasing three tracks off their album “Consolers of the Lonley”: “Salute Your Solution,” “Hold Up” and “Consoler of the Lonely.”

The Raconteurs’ music will be available on November 20.

The talent fee for each set will cost you 440 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Marketplace or US$ 5.49 in the PlayStation Store. The Wii denomination for the Hendrix tracks wasn’t mentioned in the Activision Blizzard press release but the The Raconteurs’ music will be available as single downloads for 200 Wii points each (160 Xbox, US$ 1.99 PS).

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