JoWood announces Gothic 3 – Forsaken Gods

Gothic 3 - Image 1There’s no saying when the next Gothic title will launch, but it’s not all that bad, because the most recent release Gothic 3 is getting is an expansion. Gothic 3 – Forsaken Gods offers not only new content, but promises fans a seamless top to Gothic 4. Check out the full article for more details.

Gothic 3 packshot - Image 1While fans wait for the next installment in the Gothic series, developers of the German RPG are hard at work to deliver the latest patch for Gothic 3. Austria-based publisher JoWood Productions just announced that Gothic 3 – Forsaken Gods is in the works to revitalize series creator Piranha Bytes‘ most recent release with new content.

Details are yet to be revealed, but JoWood assures the upcoming add-on will cater to fans’ needs. Players who’ll take the shoes of the same nameless hero from Gothic 3 will get a chance to meet old friends in Gothic 3 – Forsaken Gods, and find out if alliances are still strong. The journey is also going to be a seamless trip to Gothic 4.

Gameplay is expected to be revamped, as devs are said to be monitoring Gothic message boards and making sure input from fans are treated well. With a Q4 2008 release window, Gothic 3 – Forsaken Gods promises to incorporate as many of the fan-wishes as possible.

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