JPong v0.7: new obstacles, modes, effects

JPong v0.7: new obstacles, modes, effects - Image 1Homebrew developer Jaklub took JPong version 0.6 and gave it some additional content, while beautifying the tribute to Atari‘s 1972 classic to the satisfaction of Sony PlayStation Portable owners. JPong version 0.7 is a step up for the homebrew game’s development, though it could use some love in the lockup resolution department.

JPong version 0.7 includes a new difficulty mode, plus visual treats in content and in the game’s overall look and feel, though you’ll have to see it for yourself to believe.

JPong v0.7: new obstacles, modes, effects - Image 1Developer Jaklub‘s homebrew game JPong has been updated to version 0.7, and the revival of the Atari classic for Sony PlayStation Portable users now sports 2 additional obstacle modes, plus noted special effects for the opening menu. The cosmetic changes also slide down to the EBOOT design.

The developer also added a selection mechanic for choices of racket and ball appearances, two new backgrounds, and an AI bot that wouldn’t be much of a challenge on normal difficulty. Jaklub recommends playing on the highest difficulty level.

The download package does not include bundled documentation, but you’d be safe to copy the entire extracted folder to the GAME directory of your PSP. Jaklub also reminds you that the occasional lockups from previous versions also creeps to version 0.7, so be forewarned.

Download: JPong v0.7
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