Kane & Lynch DLC details, new trailer video

Kane and Lynch - Image 1Excited about the new Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC) downloadable content which will be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation network? Well, you’ll probably be even more excited after you find out what it contains and check out a video which shows off the update. Head on over to the full article for more.

Kane and Lynch - Image 1Kim Krogh, the game director of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC) Fragile Alliance mode recently spoke about the new, free downloadable content (DLC) called The Dope Bag which is slated for an April 17 release on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network.

Perhaps the biggest announcement regarding The Dope Bag is the fact that it will be released with a software update for some of the issues in the original game. This includes the connectivity problems and bugs players have been complaining about. In addition, friendly fire between re-spawned players have also been removed which nerfs one of the more annoying online tactics found in the game.

Achievement junkies will be pleased to know that The Dope Bag will have additional achievement points. While Krogh didn’t give any specifics on this, it probably isn’t too much to wait until April 17 to find out.

Unlike downloadable content for other games, the developers provided this content for free. Krogh explained their stand on this, stating that they just wanted to support the fans of Kane & Lynch:

People have already paid for the disc, and have been asking for extra maps for a very long time. I find providing the DLC for free, a super cool way to keep the characters and the game alive.

Finally, the question of why the new maps were restricted to the Fragile Alliance mode was also answered by Krogh. According to him, “it would simply not fit the Kane and Lynch characters to add a few extra maps with some out-of-context rescue mission.”

Well, we’ve still got a couple of days until The Dope Bag goes live. We know how slowly time will be creeping for gamers anxiously waiting for the update, so to help tide you guys over, here’s a little trailer of the DLC in action:


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