Kaos drops Frontlines: Fuel of War patch v1.1.1

Frontlines: Fuel of War - Image 1Hold fast, men – reinforcements have arrived in the form of a patch correction for Frontlines: Fuel of War multiplayer matches, including that annoying anti-comma gremlin that PunkBuster happened to take to the party. But is it enough to sort out the headaches with other minor frustrations exhibited via the configurations menus? Find out when you course through the full changelog.

Kaos drops Frontlines: Fuel of War patch v1.1.1 - Image 1  

Kaos Studios has announced that a new patch is available for strategic/tactical shooter Frontlines: Fuel of War, and it should update your game to version 1.1.1. This patch corrects the issues of being kicked by the previously added PunkBuster anti-cheat mechanism when you join a server with a comma or a forward slash in their chosen multiplayer name.

Thwarting fickle security measures aside, the patch also fixes the disappearance of server descriptions and names when a pipe character (“|”) is found at the server name. Other changes include:

  • The binding for the Action key (E) has been fixed. This is also used for the Exit Vehicle function.
  • Keys that have already been used will be checked for when changing control key bindings.
  • The distance for melee attacks has been shortened.
  • Chinese translation errors on the server browser have been fixed.
  • The Frontline will show up properly on the map.
  • Fixed first-person weapon animation blends between run and sprint.
  • Added functionality to allow firing of a weapon to break sprint. Previously you had to come out of sprint and then left-click to fire.
  • “Master server connection ID verification failed” error has been fixed.

The patch archive has been spotted in various download streams in the Internet, so you should look to your most preferred portals for updates. Bundled and digitally distributed copies of Frontlines: Fuel of War better get their patch through official means, and that would limit you to just Kaos Studios’ site (provided below at source link).

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