Kaz Hirai: Our competition is not Microsoft or Nintendo

Kaz Hirai - Image 1Always looking at the bigger picture, Sony Computer Entertainment’s president Kaz Hirai believes competing platform holders aren’t the real threats to the business. “Our competition is not Microsoft or Nintendo,” he said during the PlayStation Day. Head over to the full article to learn more.

Kaz Hirai - Image 1 During the PlayStation Day, Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai did a lot of talking about none other than the PlayStation brand. One of his many interesting statements came when he explained his company’s vision for the PlayStation 3, saying Sony’s “competition is not Microsoft or Nintendo, but basically any form of entertainment that is competing for the consumersÂ’ attention.”

Hirai defined the PS3, PS2, and PSP systems as entertainment platforms before citing the real challenge facing Sony’s machines. “We need to make sure we offer the most compelling entertainment – not videogame entertainment but in entertainment in general,” he said.

Furthermore, SCE’s head honcho expressed his confidence in the PlayStation’s position on the gaming map. In particular, he commented, “I like to think that weÂ’ve got a very well balanced portfolio with PS3, PSP and you canÂ’t discount the PS2.”

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