Kikuchi gives more details on Wii’s Rygar: Battle of Argus

Rygar: Battle of Argus - Image 1Tecmo‘s Keisuke Kikuchi gives more details about Tecmo’s current project for the Wii, Rygar: Battle of Argus. In this update version of Rygar for the PS2, players can expect new characters, updated stages and storyline, and the new Gladiator mode. Get more details in the full article.

Rygar: Battle of Argus - Image 1In an interview with Cubed3, Tecmo‘s Keisuke Kikuchi gives us more details on their current project for the Wii, Rygar: Battle of Argus..

The updated version of PS2‘s Rygar will pack in more features, such as the addition of new characters, adjusted enemy locations, as well as updating the stages and storyline.

Of course, controls are given an overhaul to accommodate the Wiimote. Kikuchi said that Wii’s Rygar will be compatible only with the Wiimote. “Rygar is compatible only with the Wii remote because the Wii remote is indispensable to achieve the concept of Rygar that is to feel action. Players need to change the way they swing, depending on the game mode,” Kikuchi explained.

Rygar: Battle of Argus will also come with the new Gladiator mode, which focuses more on battles. The Gladiator mode is not unlike the usual extra mode that players unlock after completing the entire single-player adventure. In this gameplay mode, players defeat the enemies in order to move on to the next stage.

The Gladiator mode is pretty straightforward at first glance, but Kikuchi said that its a mode where the player’s physical strength is tested.

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