Kojima says MGS4 ‘is complete’, new details out to spoil you

Kojima says MGS4 'is complete', new details out to spoil you - Image 1A few juicy details about Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots rolled off the tongue of the game’s creator himself in a press conference hosted in Tokyo. Hideo Kojima says that the PlayStation 3’s potential “hardware base seller” is done, finito, and ready to go. There’s just this collection of a couple more details, however, and they’re in store for those who brave the full story. Read: SPOILER ALERT.

Kojima says MGS4 'is complete', new details out to spoil you - Image 1 

Whilst news spewed out from Konami Gamer’s Night 08, Konami held a company-spurred press conference back in the Land of the Rising Sun where they noted their improving financial performance.

But it was here that MGS-creator Hideo Kojima claimed that the highly-anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was complete. Or that’s what you’d care to interpret from what the game director said:

I’m very happy that we can announce the completion of MGS4 in front of everyone here today. MGS4 has been an extremely difficult project. At one point, it was like an eternal spiral where the game felt like it would never get completed no matter how hard we worked on it.

But now it’s as good as gold, assures Konami, and as a result they’re willing to give the final conclusion to the Metal Gear Solid series a launch to remember it by. A world tour is being organized in celebration of the worldwide simultaneous release of the game coming June 12.

Though this may be the end of MGS, Konami president Fumiaki Tanaka says that the company will continue to make blockbuster games in the similar fashion just for the hardcore gamers out there.

But before we lay out the final notes, let’s get to some specific details into the game. Now if you don’t want to absorb spoilers just yet, you’d better find a new article to read. And fast.

You’re still reading.

You’re absolutely sure, eh?

Okay. Fine.

First up is that new collaborations in the game are going to make a debut on MGS4, with products from Apple, Triumph Motorcycles, Sony Ericsson, Regain and Uniqlo all going to make significant appearances in-game.

Apple’s iPod is one of the newest collabs, and will star as Snake’s handy handheld disc jockey – or rather, it’ll be the player’s music soundtrack control in-game. Konami says that more tracks will be made downloadable over the PlayStation Network, so the game’s packaged score won’t be all that you would be switching around.

Triumph Motorcycles will be making their second collab effort with the Metal Gear Solid series a memorable one, starting with a digital version of the spankin’ brand new Bonneville T100 and closing it all with a virtualized Speed Triple (ooh lala).

For Sony Ericsson comes accurately modeled W62S mobile phones (a Japan-only, high end line), which will appear a few times when Vamp and Naomi uses it.

Regain, an energy drink well-known in downtown Tokyo, will portray a drink of similar effects inside the game, giving Snake that extra kick to…well, kick some serious metal butt to an explosive conclusion.

And the final collab – the one with apparel brand Uniqlo – will give fans an opportunity to grab MGS 4 UT Design shirts sold on the company’s retail branches in the US, UK, France, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Remember the secret weapon we only mentioned about on Konami’s big game lineup blowout? Well, here’s the skinny: there’s a gun that Snake can use for a whole lotta moolah (and we’re not probably stressing this enough) that’ll spew a tornado to sweep the enemies of their feet and hurl them quite impressively over the game level.

And that’s after a sequence detailing how Snake loads the weapon, locks the ammo in place, and props the weapon for firing.

The gun is named Tanegashima, and it’s supposedly a mythological Japanese weapon that’s meant for one thing only: mass destruction. Luckily though, it doesn’t destroy the ammunition you could grab from the fallen, and even neatly spreads it over the general impact area for you to collect. But only those gamers who practice absolute penny-pinching will get one – it is the most expensive weapon in the game.

And last and probably the least important is the Altair costume from Assassin’s Creed. It’s not least important just because it’s an unlockable. It’s the least important, because aside from it’s worldwide spoof stunt some months ago, people already knew that it would be an unlockable. Big whoop.

More updates as we get them.

Via Kotaku

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