Koller on PSP 10-year plan, support for UMD, PSP bundles, more

John Koller - Sony PSP Senior Marketing Manager - Image 1Belated happy birthday, Sony Playstation Portable! Now three years old, what more can the PSP show us beyond Remote Play? How about seven more years? In an IGN interview, Sony’s John Koller revealed their plan of a PSP with a ten-year lifespan and more. Details over at the full article.

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Making its debut in March 2005 in North America and in September 2005 in PAL territories, the Sony Playstation Portable marked its third year by letting us know about plans for Remote Play. And it seems that the PSP won’t be stopping anytime soon with just the recent features and services it currently offers. Sony’s senior marketing manager John Koller revealed in an interview with IGN that the Sony PSP is here to stay for a decade:

We’ve talked about the PSP being a 10 year product, but a 10 year product in the continued… how can I put this… in the continued lifecycle, so we obviously had the 1000, we have the 2000, so the PSP as it was first launched in March 2005 isn’t going to the be the PSP that it ends up as in 10 years, but it will still be a very strong portable gaming device that is centered in gaming and has a lot of multi-functional features.

Other plans for Sony’s PlayStation Portable were also discussed in the interview. Koller mentioned that the PSP is currently enjoying an 85% boost in North American sales thanks to the April 2007 price drop and the different bundles, and with this success in mind, Sony has plans for creating more bundles as the company’s main strategy to hook more gamers. In fact, the PSP Entertainment Pack will be a central cog in this campaign.

Koller also confirmed that Sony is still a strong supporter of the fading UMD technology. However, not many studios are supporting UMD so they are more sensitive to the content and price needs of its demographic.

Some very interesting ideas were also thrown to Koller throughout the interview such Home coming to the PSP and having a PSP-specific store. Koller said these are clear possibilities being explored, but nothing definite is planned yet.

For the rest of the interview, click on the via link below.

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