Konami Gamer’s Day 08: producer talks Rock Revolution

Konami Gamer's Day 08: producer talks Rock Revolution - Image 1Yes, we know Konami Gamer’s Night 08 is long and done with, but only lately have video coverage spewed out for the recently concluded event. And one of the goodies we’ve managed to snag from Konami’s gaming bash is a video interview with Associate Producer Keith Matejk, who was happy to provide input on what Rock Revolution (DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360) had to offer for us. The video follows at the full story.

A brief chat with Keith Matejk, Associate Producer of Rock Revolution (DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360), revealed that Konami Digital’s newest addition to music performance games will be Konami’s most ambitious title yet.

The company’s experience with rhythm music and karaoke games have allowed the developers to push forward with Rock Revolution‘s feature set: one of which includes a realistic drum experience.

Previously revealed was that the video game is to include only three instruments and a voice role. The three instruments include two guitar types – a lead and bass – while the third is the drum set. The game is geared to be multiplayer from the get-go, online or offline.

Learn more about downloadable content, and check out preview gameplay of Rock Revolution available at the video embedded below. Enjoy!

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